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Morse Persimmon Seedling

Morse Persimmon Seedling

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Morse Persimmon Seedling Description

<p>Morse Persimmon is the perfect early blooming and early bearing fruit. With its cold hardy nature, you don't have to worry about where you plant it; it can handle all kinds of weather! It needs a male pollinator, so don't forget to plant a companion tree - but it'll be worth it for some juicy, flavorful persimmon treats. </p>

Additional Details

Zones: 4a-8

Soil Types: Wide Variety

Soil Conditions: Wetter Soils, Well Drained

Growth Rates: Fast

Maturity Height: 60'

Production Starts: 5-7 Years

Harvest/Drop Details: October

Crop Abundance: Very Large

Specializations: Cold Hardy and Heavy production