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Welcome to Morse Nursery, thank you for visiting our online store.

At Morse Nursery we grow “Containerized” fruit, nut and berry producing trees and shrubs for wildlife habitat improvement and/or personal enjoyment. Planting trees and shrubs that produce fruit, nuts or berries makes sense as they are a renewable resource and pay for themselves by producing food for many years. Our growing techniques of air root pruned seedlings and Root Trapper containers help our plant get established and produce food faster!

Almost everything we grow is either in a jiffy forestry pellet or Root Trapper container and are not bareroot plants. These containerized plants are much different than bareroot plants in that they are not in transplant shock when you receive them, meaning a bareroot plant can take a couple of years to recover from having their roots cut and disturbed prior to being shipped. Our plants are delivered with the soil they have been growing in and once planted don’t have to “recover” so you start to see results right away. These growing techniques combined with hybrid genetics, is what we mean by our slogan “Wildlife, coming to a tree near you……….Sooner!” 

I hope you enjoy browsing thru our website as much as I have had in producing it. Charlie Morse

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