Welcome to Morse Tree Nursery!

As a leading tree nursery, we grow fruit, nut, and berry producing trees and shrubs for food plots, wildlife habitat improvement and/or personal enjoyment. Planting trees and shrubs that produce fruit, nuts or berries are a renewable resource for your land and pay for themselves by producing food for many years!

Our Growing Techniques

Our growing techniques of air pruned roots for seedlings, bare root, or in air pruned containers. These plants are much different than others in that they are not in transplant shock when you receive them because the roots of the plants were not disrupted before being shipped. Our plants are delivered with the soil they have been growing in and should begin growing as soon as they are planted in your food plot!

The Impact

Our techniques hold back the plant's growth of wood, diverting the plant's energy to bud and root development. Air pruned roots develop more lateral roots which become the plant's permanent plumbing system. This more efficient root system is able to uptake more water and nutrients. A typical 1-foot tree that has been held back is normally about 3 feet if grown with a lot of nitrogen and without pruning the roots. Our plants are intentionally grown smaller to outperform the competition over the long run.