Quantities & Shipping


In order to ensure high survival rates, we plan our shipments based on the zone of our customers. We closely watch the weather across our customer footprint to ensure you are not receiving your plants too early. We allow you to select a desired delivery date and will try to deliver closest to your date as possible - we cannot guarantee delivery dates. 

Customers always have the option to pick up at our production facilities or sales locations. 



Seedlings can be shipped in any quantities.

Potted plants

One and two-year potted plants must be shipped in boxes of 6 or 10 plants. Seedlings don't count towards the quantity of your potted plants. 

Three-year-old and older plants ship in much bigger boxes, to big for FedEx or UPS and must be shipped on pallets. Please call the Nursery when ordering 3 years and older plants for custom quote freight prices!