Secret Soil Recipe

My (not so secret now) soil recipe for sandy, sandy loam soils where moisture retention is a problem.

  1. Canadian sphagnum moss (Peat)
  2. Cow Manure
  3. Compost

Mix these in equal parts of 1/3-1/3-1/3.

Add 1/3 package of our Micro Tree Saver to this mixture per tree or shrub you plant.

Top Dress with 18-18-18 about a 1/2 cup, evenly dispense in a 3 foot circle on the surface.

Mulch each plant with 4-6″ of wood chips, pine chips or equivalent. Then top tree the mulch with about cup. This helps prevent the mulch from absorbing nitrogen out of the soil (stealing from your plant!)

We apply mycorrhizal to all root systems before we ship to ensure a healthy start. Potted plants are treated when potted and injected into the soil. Bare root plants are dipped in gel form before shipping.