Seedling vs Grafted

Seedlings & Bare root - plants grown from a seed. 

  • May have genetic variances from the parent plant
  • May not look anything like the parent plant
  • We target parent plants that have a high match rate of its seedlings 
  • Lower cost option when planting for wildlife

Grafted - plants cloned from parent plant

  • Will be a genetic match to the parent plant
  • Typically grow faster than seedlings 
  • Allows us to create hybrids for specific applications or climates

Potted vs Bare root

  • In the Spring, customers may receive bare root or potted trees for their orders. 
  • It is dependent on what is available and in stock at the moment of the order is shipped
  • Fall Orders will always be potted
  • Bare Root plants carry the same genetics as our potted trees. 
  • Potted trees are either grafted trees or trees that were potted from the early year field dig.
  • Bare root trees do not experience transplant shock due to being dug when they are dormant. 

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