Bare Root Tree Care


Bare root trees are only available for Spring shipping.

What to expect when a package of Bare Root Trees arrives:

  • They are shipped as dormant trees, meaning the trees will appear to be a stick with a root ball
  • The root ball is the most important part of the tree
  • The bare root trees should arrive in a plastic bag or heavily wrapped with plastic wrap
  • The trees were dipped with our blend of mycorrhizal, bacteria and water gel.
  • Trees may show up with brown leaves from the previous growing season. Chestnuts and oaks are notorious for this.

How should I care for bare root trees until I can plant them?

  • We recommend planting them within 7 days upon delivery.
  • We recommend storing the trees in a dark cold location until they can be planted. (For example, a basement or shaded corner of a garage)
  • Be sure that the root systems are not exposed to light and have moisture in the bag/plastic wrap. A damp paper towel can provide moisture to the root system.
  • Sooner they are planted the better they will do!

What if I cannot plant the bare root trees within 7 days?

  • We recommend planting the bare root trees in 1 up to 5-gallon pots/buckets.
  • Once planted in bucket or pot place outside to allow the tree to get sun light.
  • Be aware and cautious of animals, as they may browse the budding tree.
  • For best protection, we recommend the TreePro protector to prevent animal browse.

    HELPFUL TIP: The key to survival for a tree in any planting season is to be sure the plant gets enough water. The #1 reason of lost trees is due to lack of water in their first year.