Our Apple Tree Root System

Morse Nursery uses B-118 and M-111 exclusively for their grafted Apple and Crabapple trees.

Apple trees are grafted on to “Root systems” called rootstock. The majority of rootstock used are dwarf apple trees, by keeping the apple trees small makes it easier for an orchard to harvest the crop and cut down overhead in terms of labor in an effort to improve the bottom line. These rootstocks are bred to have a poor root systems to control the size of the tree. These root systems do very well in the perfect soil, staked and under a drip system to feed them.

However, these root systems do not work for a wildlife apple trees. Trees with this type of root system can't penetrate heavy or rocky soil, preventing the tree from growing and thriving. You need a root system that is very aggressive and will penetrate rocky, heavy soils and be large enough to plant in sandy soils also where moisture is hard to keep in the soil.

Our solution to this problem is using B-118 and M-111 rootstock, which are perfect for growing a self supporting tree that will have hundreds of pounds more apples on them at maturity. These rootstock are by far the most forgiving of all rooting systems and lets wildlife managers choose where they plant their trees. You can also control the size of your tree by cutting the central leader if you want both a tree for wildlife and easy to pick apples for the family.