Honeycrisp Apple

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Honeycrisp Apple is one of Americas favorite to eat. Fruit drops out of this tree a little at a time making it great tree for habitat also. Very cold hardy.

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  • Plant Details

    Zones: 3-8

    Soil Types: Wide Range

    Soil Conditions: Well Drained

    Growth Rates: Fast

    Maturity Height: 15-25 Feet

    Production Starts: 3-5 Year

    Harvest/Drop Details: mid-August - September

    Crop Abundance: can sometimes over produce

    Specializations: Great eating

  • Plant Description

    Some of the very best tasting apples are Honeycrisp apples. The cellular structure is different than any other apple. The cells of these apples are larger and when bitten into produce noticeably a juicier explosion than that of other Apples. The Apples drop from Mid-August – September and is a great early season deer food. This great keeper quality is important to me, as I have observed Whitetails prefer firm apples over applesauce once on the ground. I’ve watched Whitetails dig these out of the snow something applesauce frozen to the ground would be hard to even accomplish for our herbivore friends.