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Concordia Hybrid Oak

Concordia Hybrid Oak

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Concordia Hybrid Oak Description

The Concordia oak (Quercus ×introgressa) is a two-generation hybrid. It is derived from a dwarf chinkapin oak × standard chinkapin oak, and then pollinated by a swamp white oak. Oak hybridization is complicated and are difficult to identify without extensive study and genetic analysis. It is likely that you will not see many other oaks in the wild with such a complex lineage. The seedlings can carry the best traits from all three parents. Reports of production in three to five years and “growing like a weed”. Another report said “I saw the tree at six foot tall and nine years later it is approximately 30 feet tall”.

Additional Details

Zones: 3-9

Soil Types: Wide Variety

Soil Conditions: Wide range

Growth Rates: Very Fast

Maturity Height: 40-50 Feet

Production Starts: 3-5 Years

Harvest/Drop Details: September-October

Crop Abundance: Very Large