Bebb's Oak

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Bebb's Hybrid Oak is a cross between White Oak and Bur Oak. This hybrid will become a very large tree and starts producing at a young age.

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  • Plant Details

    Zones: 3-8

    Soil Types: Wide range

    Soil Conditions: Well drained to slightly moist

    Growth Rates: Fast

    Maturity Height: 80-100 Feet

    Production Starts: 3-8 Years

    Harvest/Drop Details:

    Crop Abundance: Heavy

    Specializations: Acorns early

  • Plant Description

    This is simply a terrific find for me and you! This tree is within a whisker of being Michigan’s state champion. Acorns can develop on these hybrids as soon as 4-8 years. Bebbs Oak is a cross between a White Oak and a Bur Oak. This oak produces sweet acorns preferred by whitetails every year. Just look at the size and age of this tree and you know your seedlings are getting some fantastic genes! I will be planting some of these seedlings here on my own farm….that’s how impressed I am!