Tree Survival Kit backed by a Guarantee

In our own plantings at Morse Nursery we have seen 94% success rates when using the Tree Survival Kit! That statistic alone is another reason we will stand by your tree order if you take the same precautions we do with protection.  By Adding this Survival Kit to your order for just $10 a tree or shrub you will be putting the ultimate insurance plan on your investment with Morse Nursery!


Tree/Shrub Survival Kit 

  • 5' tall tree protector or 30 inch tall shrub protector (depending on your order)
  • 3' x 3' weed mat
  • 2 Yr. Nutra Pro
  • Bird Net
  • 1 Yr. Guarantee

Protects from:

Wind – Any wind over 7mph will effectively stop photosynthesis (growth) for an extended period of time.

Drought – The weed mat on average will keep soil damp around tree on average 4-6 weeks without any rain.

Weeds  – The weed mat will eliminate any weeds or grass around the planting. We recommend mowing and spraying weed killer in a 5 foot diameter circle before installing the weed mat. 

Under Fertilizing – Nutra pro releases fertilizer over a 2 yr period every time it rains. NO MORE GUESSING!

Deer Rub – The tube protects bucks from rubbing their antlers on the Tree.

Deer Browse – Deer will have to wait until the tree is at least 5′ in height to even be able to browse.

Taller & Straighter Trees – A safe way to catalyze faster and straighter growth in a fruit or nut tree.

Rodents – Where the tube meets the weed mat creates a challenge for rodents to access and girdle the tree

Giving Back to the Environment:

Your investment in a Tree Survival Kit to protect your tree goes a long way for the environment!  The tubes included are made from 100% Recyclable milk jugs and are manufactured here in the USA!