The Benefits of Planting Trees and Shrubs in the Fall

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Whitetail deer hunting is right around the corner, but before you hit the hunting stand this fall you should remember its still s a great time to plant nut and fruit trees on your property! 
While most people think of spring as the best planting season, there are some really good reasons to consider planting in the fall before you focus your efforts on your target buck. The big factor on how well your nut and fruit trees grow in the fall can depend a lot on where you live and how the temperatures change. 
Cooler Weather:
One big advantage of fall planting is the cooler weather. When summer ends and it starts getting cooler, it's a lot less stressful for new trees. They don't have to deal with the scorching heat of summer, and they get a chance to grow their roots before winter comes. This makes for great conditions when referring to Chestnut, Apple, Persimmon, Pear, and White Oak Trees. 
Regional Differences - If you live in a place where summers are super hot, like in the Southern United States, fall planting can be a smart move. The milder fall weather helps plants settle in. But in colder areas, like the Northern United States, you should plant in early fall to make sure the plants have enough time to grow roots before winter's freezing temperatures.
Enough Water:
Fall usually brings more rain, and the ground is still warm from summer. That's good for fruit and nut trees because they need moisture and warmth to establish strong roots and to put on some growth before their first winter in the ground. Fall gives them just the right conditions! 
Regional Differences - In areas where there's a lot of rain in the fall, like the Pacific Northwest, fall planting works great because the soil stays moist. However, in drier regions, like the Southwest, you might need to water your plants more to make sure they get enough moisture.
Less Competition:
During the fall, many of the weeds and other plants that compete with your new trees and shrubs start to die down. This means your new Chestnut or Pear Trees may have more access to the things they need to grow, like water and nutrients. This is can be a major factor in helping you establish your newly planted trees quicker. 
Regional Differences - If you live in a place where weeds are a big problem, like some parts of the country, fall planting can help your new plants get a head start. But in areas with fewer weeds, this might not make as much of a difference.
Planting fruit and nut trees in the fall has lots of benefits: like cooler weather, more moisture, and less competition.  However, how well it works can depend on where you live and what the weather is like so take those factors into account.  Its not to late to order trees but take advantage of fall planting this year before time runs out! Morse Nursery will be taking Fall orders for Chestnut, Oak, and Fruit Trees through the month of September for Northern States and Mid October for Southern States! 
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