New Planting Frontiers for Hunters in Wisconsin and Minnesota

New Planting Frontiers for Hunters in Wisconsin and Minnesota

The updated USDA Climate Map is reshaping the game for plant and tree growth in the Midwest. Specifically most of Wisconsin and Minnesota were originally in zones 3 & 4  which caused some constraints on what could be planted!

But now with the new revisions to the USDA cold hardy map doors are being opened to new options of what these land owners can plant!

 What changed?

Wisconsin is mainly now a zone 5 in the south and a Zone 4 in the North, while 60% of Minnesota now in zone 4. This change presents exciting opportunities, especially for hunters looking to plant for the deer population.

 Expanding Plant Diversity:

The climate shake-up allows hunters to diversify their plantings. Chestnuts and certain fruit trees, which thrive in cooler climates, can now be seriously considered. It's a chance for hunters to  make their property more diverse and grow things they might not have thought possible before!

 Cultivating Chestnuts:

Wisconsin and Minnesota are now friendlier places for chestnuts, a boon for hunters looking to improve deer habitats. These trees, built for cooler weather, find a sweet spot in the northern parts of these states. Growing chestnuts not only adds variety to the landscape but also provides a sturdy option for hunters looking to enhance the deer population. 

Thriving Fruit Trees:

Fruit trees like apples, pears, and persimmon have a brighter future in Wisconsin and Minnesota, offering hunters more options for deer feed. Thanks to the longer growing season and milder winters, these trees can flourish. This shift isn't just about variety; it's about creating a sustainable and locally adapted environment for deer.


Now that the USDA Climate zone map has been revised for the first time since 2012 the hunters of Minnesota and Wisconsin can now look to take more advantage of Tree Food Plots offered at Morse Nursery!

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All of our fruit and chestnut trees are rated to meet the Zone 4 climate areas that have now been reflected in Wisconsin & Minnesota.

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