Bur x Turbinella Oak

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Bur x Turbinella Hybrid White oak gets its reputation as a very tough tree that can tolerate poor soils! Sweeter acorn as well!
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  • Plant Details

    Zones: 3-8

    Soil Types: Any soil type (including poor soils)

    Soil Conditions: Well drained to slightly moist

    Growth Rates: Above average

    Maturity Height: 40-50 Feet

    Production Starts: 3-8 years

    Harvest/Drop Details: Early season

    Crop Abundance: Heavy

    Specializations: Early acorn production

  • Plant Description

    This hybrid oak is made famous due to its ability to grow in any type of soil you throw at it! In our own test plantings we have put them in Rocky, Acidic, Sandy, Wet, Clay, Dry, and anything else you can think of! Not only a hardy tree, but it also has consistently produced at 4-6 years old. This acorn is also a sweeter acorn due to its cross!