Create Browse & Cover on your Hunting Property with ……

Create Browse & Cover on your Hunting Property with ……

Create Browse & Cover on your Hunting Property with ……
Creating a diverse habitat for whitetail deer is a something that cannot be achieved overnight. For both hunters looking for the next edge on their neighbor the secret is shrubs!  At Morse Nursery, we offer a solution that not only benefits the deer population but also adds to the ecological diversity of your land – our premium selection of shrubs. In this blog post, we'll explore how  these different shrubs can help you establish thriving deer habitats, complete with berries for summer browse and vital winter protection.
 The Importance of Habitat Enhancement:

 Whitetail deer are mainly browsers when it comes to food consumption. The goal of shrubs is not to promote food during the hunting season, but instead to ensure a constant source of browse through out the rest of the year. By investing in  more shrub habitat, landowners can contribute to the overall diversity of their hunting property.  Our selection of shrubs offers a fantastic way to cater to the needs of deer, ensuring they have a reliable source of food and shelter year-round.

 Creating Summer Browse:

 During the summer months, when vegetation is abundant, providing deer with a diverse range of forage is essential. Our shrubs are strategically chosen to offer a variety of palatable options for deer outside of the hunting months. Species such as Thicket Plum, Silky  Dogwood,  Elderberry, and Serviceberry  provide browse in the form of berries all summer long leading into deer season.  These shrubs are rich in nutrients, promoting healthy growth in deer populations!

 Thickets for Protection and Winter Shelter:

As the cold winter sets in, deer require protective cover to shield them from harsh weather conditions and predators. Our shrubs can be expertly arranged to create dense thickets, offering a safe haven for deer during the winter months. Species like Chokeberry and High Bush Cranberry retain their berries through the winter, providing a vital food source when other options are scarce. The shrubs main point in the winter is to create a nice edge or thicket habitat that is prime for bedding! 


 The majority of shrubs we recommend will grow into the 10 - 15’ tall range and when planted in 2 rows on offset 10’ centers they can provide a great long-term screening option. We utilize Silky Dogwood, Dwarf Chinkapin, Red Osier Dogwood, and chokeberry to screen off food plots as well! This can be a great way to divide up a larger food plot and creating almost a maze field to the property.

 List of Top Shrubs for Whitetail & Turkey Habitat:
High Bush Cranberry
Dwarf Chinkapin
Thicket Plum
Silky Dogwood
Red Osier Dogwood

Enhancing your property as a whitetail deer habitat not only benefits these graceful creatures but also contributes to the overall ecological balance of your land. Morse Nursery's premium selection of shrubs provides an excellent opportunity to establish lush summer browse and protective winter thickets that will attract and nourish deer year-round. By investing in our top-quality shrubs and expert guidance, you're investing in the health and vitality of your hunting property for years to come!


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About Morse Nursery:

At Morse Nursery, we take pride in offering only the highest quality shrubs that are suitable for creating rich deer habitats. Our team of experts is well-versed in the specific needs of whitetail deer and can guide you in selecting the right shrub species based on your location, soil type, and climate. With decades of experience, we're dedicated to helping you achieve your wildlife habitat goals.

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