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Instant Oaks

Field grown in Root maker knitted #8 containers is Morse Nursery’s most exciting offering for those of you who want “instant” oaks. These Oaks have had their roots air pruned as seedlings for one year then trapped in root trapper containers for one year and finally constricted in knitted in ground containers. These hybrid oaks are 8′-15′ in height and range in caliper size from 1″-4″. Some of these trees had acorns last year so if you don’t want to wait a lifetime to see acorns from White Oaks these would be very high on my list of trees to plant. These trees are dug early spring and late fall. Pickup at nursery only. Can’t be shipped. Price is $100 per caliper inch. We also have older hybrid oaks that we dig and and can be shipped bare root for $60 per caliper inch. Most are 1″ to 1/2″ in caliper. Call for shipping prices as these are done on a quote basis. Trees are freshly dug per order  and must be shipped in the fall or early spring.

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