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Ware Hybrid Oak

Zone: 3-8
Specialization: Acorns Early Production
Growth Rate: Fast
Crop Abundance: Normal
Can Produce In: 3-8 Years
Soil Type: Wide Range

Soil Moisture: Well drained to slightly moist.

Height at Maturity: 80′-100′


About the Ware Oak:

This is a great oak that won’t shade your fruit trees or food plots! If you’re thinking about including oaks into existing fruit stands or fields, the columnar shape of this tree ensures acorn production without compromising sunlight to your other wildlife sources. This hybrid is the result of a cross with a fastigiated English Oak and Swamp White Oak. It is a vigorous upright-oval grower, reaching 60′ tall while only 25′ wide. Due to its parentage, this oak is tolerant of a wide range of conditions, including both wet and dry soil. The seed was collected from the famous Riverbank Lodge (pictured above) where the tree grows right through the roof. Acorn crops on this tree have been both consistent and heavy. This is an excellent choice for space-limited applications, where you desire acorn production without the broad, spreading growth habit of traditional oaks.

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