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Swamp White Oak Hybrid

Zone: 3-8
Specialization: Acorns Early Production
Growth Rate: Fast
Crop Abundance: Normal
Can Produce In: 3-8 Years
Soil Type: Wide Range

Soil Moisture: Moist to Wet

Height at Maturity: 80′-100′


About the Swamp White Oak:

I’m including this Oak in my hybrid selection this year, even though it appears to be a pure species, because I have had seedlings develop acorns routinely within 5 years from this tree! The original tree is from the University of Cornell’s arboretum, known for its abundant crops of acorns and voted Urban Tree of the Year!. Air root pruning the seedlings along with nitrogen deprivation during the seedling phase will help this Swamp White Oak come out of its juvenile stage early. Expect acorns within 5-9 years. You can plant this tree in wet or upland soils, making it one of our most versatile selections.

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