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Bur x Gambel Hybrid Oak "Late Drop Strain"

Zone: 3-8
Specialization: Late Drop Acorns
Growth Rate: Fast
Can Produce In: 3-8 Years

Soil Type:Wide Range

Soil Moisture: Well drained to slightly moist.

Height at Maturity: 40′-50′

Crop Abundance: Heavy


About Bur x Gamble:

Bur x Gambel  usually starts ripening with most white oaks in September/October. We are pleased to announce a later ripening stain that will extend the acorn drop times by 2/3 weeks. If you look at the picture closely you might be able to see that the acorns in both trays are different colors. One tray is brown in color and are fully ripe, this is when they start to fall from the tree. The second tray if you look closely are still green and are 2-3 weeks away from ripening both were picked the same day. When ordering Bur x Gambel hybrids it would be a great idea to plant both varieties as to have a staggered acorn drop.

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