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Bodacious Bur Hybrid Oak

About the Bodacious Bur: You have got to hear this! When I discovered this tree in 2002 it produced 750# of acorns, 550# in 2003 and 1070# in 2004, After evaluating for three years I was hooked, sold and in love. The branches literally droop from the weight of the acorns. I’ve never seen anything like this Bur Oak before for prolific acorn production. The biological vigor of this tree can only be explained by it being a naturally occurring hybrid. It appears that it might be crossed with a Swamp White Oak. Bur x Swamp White Oaks are referred to as Schuettes Oak and have been written about and well documented for their ability to produce acorns at an early age. I really like Bur Oak hybrids for wildlife plantings because of their ability to out-compete every grass and weed in any site, period! This is one very competitive tree that you won’t need to pamper, ideal for anyone with the desire, but not necessarily the time to devote to their plantings.

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