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Bear x Blackjack Hybrid "Red" Oak

Zone: 2-8
Specialization: Small Bushy Oak
Growth Rate: Slow but worth the wait.
Crop Abundance: Heavy for its size.
Can Produce In: 4-8 Years
Soil Type: Wide range including Very sandy to poor soils

Soil Moisture: Well drained Height at Maturity: 10′-20′

About Bear x Blackjack Hybrid “Red” Oak

You know us for our Hybrid White Oaks so what is the big deal about this Red Oak we think is so great?
This Hybrid will never get big, usually not more than 18′ and Bushy which makes it ideal for planting around food plots or fruit trees because these small hybrid oaks will not shade out surrounding plants. Very tough oak that can grow in very sandy to poor soils. Also as been known to regenerate itself after fires and even being brush hogged. Discovered in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey by a fellow nurseryman that I traded seeds with. I planted out seedlings in about 2009 that started producing in about 5 years. They’re about 15′ tall and produce very nice crops for the size of the tree. Acorns are small and can be swallowed by game birds and of course enjoyed by Whitetails. Whitetails rely on these as a late season food source around February. The snow tends to leach the bitter tannin’s out of the acorns making them better tasting in the winter. Interesting how nature provides.

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