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Cornelian Cherry.

Zone: 4-8

Specialization: Food-Cover-Screening, one of the last to lose their leaves.
Growth Rate: Fast
Crop Abundance: Heavy
Can Produce In: 3-5 Years

Soil Type: Wide Range

Soil Moisture: Well drained to Dry.

Height at Maturity: 10′-25′


About Cornelian Cherry:

Cornelian Cherry is an interesting dogwood. These shrubs produce a ton of fruit for their size as you can see from the pictures. Grows best in full sun but like many dogwoods will do very well in partial shade maing it a good choice for edges. The game birds love this fruit and deer like to browse the branches. The Europeans are crazy about the fruit as they use it in many of their recipes in some of the best restaurants in Europe. We have made both wine and jam from our fruit and I have to admit it’s a “waiting to be discovered” fruit here in America.
If you look at additional images you will see a picture of Silky and Cornelian side by side. The picture is of two Cornelian Cherry bushes with a Silky Dogwood between them. As you can see the Silky dogwood has shed it leafs by November and the Cornelian are still green giving good screening still.

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