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Morse Female Grafted

Morse Female

Zone: 4-8
Specialization: June Flower phase to avoid late frosts.
Growth Rate: Medium
Crop Abundance: Yes
Can Produce In:  4-6 years for Grafted
Soil Type: Wide Range

Soil Moisture: Well drained to slightly moist.




About Grafted Female selection:

“This is a Grafted Female selection.”  Wood was taken from our “Morse Persimmon” which has proven to be the best cold hardy Persimmon we have ever discovered. What does “Best” mean? Persimmons are southern trees that us northerners have been trying to grow for years with mixed results. If you’re lucky enough to get one of these southern trees to grow and not freeze out, then only  later to your disappointed, find that the fruit never has enough time to ripen. Morse Persimmon has consistently over come both these disappointing attributes on our farm. Fruit starts to ripen in October just ahead of your Goldrush Apples and will hang into November/December dropping a few each day.

Must be planted with Male Pollinators. Purchase Morse Non-Grafted Persimmon seedlings, Potted Persimmon or Meader, then strategically place the Grafted Female where they will give you the best hunting opportunities. Very Limited Quantities, order early as we run out of these every year.

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