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Zone: 3-8

Rootstock: M-111 or B-118
Specialization: Very Late Drop Disease Resistant
Growth Rate: Fast
Crop Abundance: Yes
Can Produce In: 3-5 Years
Soil Type: Wide Range

Soil Moisture: Well drained.

Height at Maturity: 15-25′


About Goldrush Apples:

Apples can hang in this tree as late as February here in Michigan. The fruit is characterized by a complex, rich spicy flavor with a high degree of acidity and sweetness. The apple retains its complex sprightly flavor and crisp, firm texture for at least 7 months at 1 C. The cultivar has been rated consistently as the highest quality apple after storage of all selections or cultivars tested at Purdue University. Excellent for Cider and Hard Cider.

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