Colossal x Okei Hybrid Chestnut

Zone: 5-8

Specialization: Large nut size and taste.
Growth Rate: Fast
Crop Abundance: Very Good
Can Produce In: 3-5 Years Requires a different chestnut tree to cross pollinate. 

Soil Type: Sandy-Sandy Loam-Loam-Sandy Clay. Avoid heavy Clay.

Soil Moisture: Well drained to Dry.

Height at Maturity: 25′-35′


About Colossal x Okei:

Colossal x Okei Hybrid Chestnut This hybrid is between two chestnut trees that are both noted for producing some of the largest nuts of all chestnut trees, somewhere between 12-18 nuts per pound. These large sweet nuts are grown for their taste, loved by whitetails and in just 4-5  years these trees will start producing from seedlings. Plant two or more different Chestnut trees for cross pollination.

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